Insulation grants set to slash swimming pool related CO²


TOPIC UK secures £2 million of subsidies for the Swimming Pool industry.

Domestic swimming pool owners and installers can now benefit from a grant of up to £3500 per swimming pool to subsidise the cost of installing the CO2-reducing insulation system Thermapool.

Negotiations between TOPIC UK founder, Nigel Rose and the UK government departments working to reduce climate change have resulted in a grant of £700-£3500 per pool being offered, depending on the fuel and soil type and the number of months heated per year. The government is capping the grants to a maximum of 1000 swimming pools claiming the grants per year.

Thermapool is sold by the square metre, and consists of an adhesive mix interleaved with insulation boards. It can be applied as part of the construction process, or during renovation of an existing swimming pool or a liner change.

Only trained installers can install the product to ensure it is correctly applied, and to enable installers to buy it at the best possible price, according to the company.

TOPIC says Thermapool can be installed in one day by two skilled plasterers or tilers, and offers a sizable sell-up opportunity for builders willing to explain the benefits to their customers – as well as helping make major savings on CO2 emissions.

According to the company, 1000 swimming pools equipped with Thermapool could save up to 10,000 tonnes of CO2 from going into the atmosphere and also save swimming pool owners an estimated £11 million over the next ten years. The figures are based on work carried out in conjunction with the BSPF (British Swimming Pool Federation), BRE (Building Research Establishment) and the government department DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs).

TOPIC is seeking strategic partners and investors who can assist in rolling out Thermapool across Europe.

The company is running two trade seminars to help swimming pool installers understand the full benefits of swimming pool installation to them and their customers.

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