Block & Liner Swimming Pools

Ifyou are considering a Block & Liner Swimming Pool, Thermapool offers a morecost effective solution, with a quicker build time than standard block andliner construction.

TheThermapool inground Panel Pool Kit can be individually customised to cater toyour specific requirements.

Unlikeblock & liner pools requiring concrete footings to support the heavy walls,The Thermapool Panel Pool Kit can be erected straight onto the excavatedarea,  once levelled and adjusted you justneed a bit of concrete at the base to keep the swimming pool panel kit inplace, its that simple!!!!.

Incomparison to a dense concrete block and liner swimming pool, the Thermapool Panel Pool Kit needs no rendering soplastering and brick laying skills are not required, saving time and labourcosts.  Thermapool Panel pools are evenused by bricklayers, DIY enthusiasts, pool builders, and pool experts as thequicker alternative to block & liner construction.

Everythingyou need to construct your pool is included in the kit, making the wholeproject much more speedier, so no need to order materials from differentsuppliers.

Whilstbuilders may promise a quick installation, we all know when using severalsuppliers construction deadlines are easily missed. With A Thermapool PanelPool kit the walls are completed with a few hours, not days or weeks.  The dream of  having an inground garden swimming pool couldbe a lot sooner than you think!!!.

Dependingon your swimming and leisure needs, garden layout and budget, Thermapool cancreate the perfect pool, our experienced technical consultants are available toadvise you on the ideal pool to suit you home and lifestyle needs.

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