"Its well worth having Thermapool.

My wife likes the swimming pool water really hot, she can now

swim before and after work. Overnight the temperature drop is

 not as noticeable as before we renovated and installed


David & Paula, Hampshire


 "We feel good about the fact we have a swimming pool

that we very rarely have to heat. Having a family we do understand

that we would be using vast amounts of energy and damaging

the planet if we didn't have Thermapool.  My children and their

friends are always in the swimming pool, we have

even had my son's class round to swim!!! "

Peter, Taunton


 Having successfully fitted Thermapool and re-tiled the

swimming pool, it now looks great. On heating the pool and

are delighted with the results - it retains the heat and heats up

much quicker then before. "

Jane, Edinburgh


 "The thermostat is always set to 30°C, but we've had

two summers where we've unplugged the heater for over a month,

 the swimming pool was heating up into the high 30's. The swimming

pool becomes like bath water, all thats missing is the bubbles! We had to

leave the cover off at night to bring the temperature back down

again! We really don't notice having the pool on our

electricity bill. Our gas bill is far larger. "

Jason & Samantha, Hertfordshire

 Jason Costi Case Study Image 1.jpg

 "Since coming back from holiday we have tested the

claims of Thermapool and heated the swimming pool up to 30°C.

 For the last two weeks we have turned the pool heating off

completely, the swimming pool has remained between 27.5 -31°C

and the weather hasn't been partially great with,

rain showers every other day."

John, Cambridge


 "My friends laughed at me and didn't want to come around to

our new swimming pool when I said I was not heating it up.

Now they've all been around and are all amazed at the way the

Thermapool system heats up the swimming pool water,

the pool has even reached 32°C with no heating. "

Charlie, Hants

 pool finished 001.jpg

 We are using the swimming pool all year round even though it's an

outdoor pool, I've got used to getting up every morning and

having a swimming before work. When we got the gas bill we where very

surprised at how little the pool was costing, so we've kept the

swimming pool running all through the winter."

Jim Brighton

    "We understood the benefits of Thermapool insulation, but we did

question the claims by Thermapool that the pool would heat itself up.

We've been amazed with what Thermapool has done to our heating costs.

In 2009 we turned off our heating for two weeks.

In 2010 we ran the swimming pool for two months with no heating.

Before Thermapool we were using £5,000 of energy to heat the pool

compared to £700 in 2009. In 2010 the heating costs were £300!! "

David, Surrey


 Without heating, so far the pool hasn't even dropped below 20 degrees

even when it's done nothing but rain for 3 days, which is great. My pool

is constantly 6 degrees hotter than my friend's pool and I don't even heat it!!

My friend heats his and it never gets to 30 degrees. With three good days of

sun the pool heats itself to 28-30 degrees."

Dave, Derby