Panel Liner Swimming Pool Kit

  • Typically Walls Take between 3-5 hours to erect
  • Unique Panel Footing System
  • 100mm over dig in sound soil
  • 25 year guarantee
  • 0.16 W/m2K U-value on the 1.5meters Wall Panels
  • 0.21 W/m2K U-value on the 1.2meters Wall Panels
  • Walls and floor are fully insulated
  • Strongest panels on the market

Bespoke Design:

  • Pool Wall Heights from 1 to 3.5 meters
  • Deck Level Swimming Pool
  • Infinity Edge Swimming Pools
  • Freeboard Swimming Pools
  • All Floor Styles
  • Tiled Swimming Pools
  • Liner Swimming Pools
  • Above Ground Swimming Pools
  • In Ground Swimming Pools

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  • Domestic indoor swimming Pools
  • Domestic Outdoor Swimming Pools
  • Diving Pools
  • Plunge Pools
  • Hydrotherapy Swimming Pools
  • Scuba Diving Training Pools
Thermapool Panels have been designed for strength.

A conventional braced swimming pool system requires a considerable "over-dig" which can be both expensive and time consuming.

Thermapool Panels are a modular interlocking system that requires a minimal 100mm over-dig, reducing the amount of soil that needs to be removed from site and have the advantage of being quicker and easier to install than alternative swimming pool construction techniques. In addition to the sides of the swimming pool being insulated by thermal panels, the swimming pool floor is insulated with water repellent insulation. Whether you choose to have your swimming pool built, or take on the project as a self-build, installing a Thermapool from start to finish can more than half the pool build time.

Thermapool Panels are available for liner ot tiled swimming pool construction. These swimming pools can be designed with any floor style requirements from flat bottom, constant slope, special slope, wedge and hopper swimming pools.

Our Panels are also available as deck level and infinity edge swimming pools in both liner and tile construction.

Thermapool also developed ThermaCover the best solar swimming pool cover which heats your water for free.

"Thermapool insulated outdoor swimming pools fitted with our clear Solar Pool Cover, will not need to be heated when conditions are warm and sunny. Guaranteed"

Thermapool Liner Swimming Panel Pools - "HOW SIMPLE"


Thermapool Liner Swimming Panel Pools - Installation Instruction Video for DIY Liner Swimming Panel Pool Kits

Combined with using our Clear Solar Swimming Pool Cover, on summer days when conditions are warm and sunny Thermapool Liner Swimming Panel Pools customers will not need to heat their outdoor liner panel pools.



Panel Pool Kit

  • Pool Size: 9m x 4.5m x 1.5m
  • Location: Cambridgeshire
  • Contruction Time: 2hours 30 minutes
  • Comments: Client had an existing swimming pool, but decided to make the pool bigger, he chose a Thermapool Panel Kit as the most cost effective, energy efficient and state of the art panel kit on the market.    


Thermapool Liner Swimming Panel Pools  - 2 hours 30 mins to construct 9 by 4.5 by 1.5 meter deep Liner Swimming Panel Pool Walls


This is our own Patent Pending design using ‘Formula One' technology.  The inter-locking insulated swimming pool panels making up your swimming pool walls are designed to have strength and simplicity, making it a more desirable speedy method of pool construction.  The floor of the liner swimming panel pool is insulated with Thermapool insulation boards and then screeded ready for your chosen swimming pool liner.

Thermapool Panel Pool Kits will save on construction time, money on the excavation work and on the back fill materials required.

Thermapool Liner Swimming Panel Pools - 3 hours to construct 8 by 4 by 1.2 meter depth Liner Swimming Panel Pool kit with roman end steps