Liner Swimming Pools Installation Guide for New Build Pools

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Liner Swimming Pool panel kit replaced for block construction

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Technical Liner Swimming Pool Diagrams

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Liner Swimming Pool Installation Guide for New Build Liner Swimming Pools

So-Soft Insulation finish:

The Swimming pool liner is laid directly onto Thermapool insulation. So-Soft is only advisable for domestic pools using pre tailored liners. So-Soft gives the liner swimming pool a softer carpet feel, but you maybe able to see joints in the insulation or where the fixings are.

Total thickness 75mm

Insulation and render finish:

This gives the insulation a solid uniformed hard finish recommended for schools or for on-site lined swimming pools.

Total thickness 80mm

Bonding is only required if the structure of the swimming pool is not sound enough to take a mechanical screw fixing, bonding materials are extra.

Brief Guide:

Assemble the stainless steel fixings

Start at the top of the swimming pool wall below the liner lock with an insulation wedge.

Push and hammer the fixing through the insulation board into the swimming pool structure.

The board’s joints should be slightly staggered.

The wall insulation is taken down to the floor. The floor insulation should butt up against the wall insulation.

Fill the fixing holes with the Thermapool Insulation Render, once dry install new liner.

If a rendered finish is required Thermapool Insulation Render and mesh can be applied to the insulation to give a hard uniform surface finish, once the render has cured, install the new  liner   

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