Commercial Projects (unused)

€14 a day to heat an entire Commercial Swimming Pool & Diving School - New Build, Tiled Indoor Swimming Pool, Ireland.

Pool size: 12m x 5m x 1.5m - 3.7m

The purpose-built 12m by 5m wide and 1.5 to 3.7 meters deep Mevagh indoor Scuba Diving training swimming pool in County Donegal, Ireland, chose Thermapool swimming pool insulation system for energy savings and extra durability. Even when divers drop weights and tanking on the pool floor everyday at 3.7 meters it has no impact to the Thermapool surface, showing how strong Thermapool really is. This property comprises the commercial pool, four B&B rooms, nine bathrooms and nine other residential rooms - yet only costs the pool owner just €14 a day to heat everything!

"Mevagh indoor Scuba Diving training swimming pool was built to be profitable and enjoyable. The swimming pool holds 160,000 litres of sea water for added diver buoyancy. We heat the pool water to 29oC and pool air temperature to 30oC to reduce the evaporation and reduce the heat loss from the pool water when the cover is off.

All the water heating including the showers, central heating and the heating of the pool has cost from 1st July to 31st October €1674.00 +vat which is 9 ton of wood pellets @ €186 .00 a ton plus VAT. This also includes heating the dive center class room and hot water for showers including our house with 4 B&B rooms used until end of September.