Existing Tiled

Tiled Swimming Pool Installation Guide for Pool Renovations

Please read all notes, installation graphics, pictures and video above prior to ordering materials.

Material thicknesses provided within the standard kit:
  • 1mm Thermapool Tanking
  • 3mm Thermapool Insulation Adhesive
  • 75mm Thermapool Insulation Board
  • 8mm Thermapool Render and mesh
  • 1mm Thermapool Tanking
Total thickness 88mm Pre Installation Notes: Coping stones

Consideration should be given to the detail at the top of the swimming pool under the coping stone or pool tiles:

Option 1: Use of chamfered (0-75mm) wedge shaped Thermapool Insulation Board allows you to leave the existing coping stones or swimming pool edging tiles in place. See technical swimming pool video & swimming pool images.

Option 2: If new swimming pool coping stones or swimming pool edging tiles are to be installed the Thermapool Insulation Wedge is not required and the installation instructions for new build tiled swimming pools can be followed.

Swimming Pool Fittings

There are two options with regard to insulating around swimming pool fittings like inlets, vacuum points, skimmers, drains, sumps and automatic underwater cover pits:

Option 1: The swimming pool fittings can be extended 87mm, plus the thickness of the tile adhesive and tile, to finish flush with the new swimming pool finish.

Certikins product codes: Nipple GP112NMT or Nipple GP112THN and Eyeball inlet HD53C

Option 2: We can supply chamfered insulation fittings, see technical drawings.

Automatic underwater swimming pool covers

The cover pit should also be fully insulated but it may not be possible to get the full insulation thickness around the pit due to space around the roller.

Concrete Swimming Pool Steps

Existing concrete steps should be insulated in the same fashion as the rest of the swimming pool, with the Thermapool Insulation Boards being applied to the risers first, then the step tread. Consideration should be given to the height of the step after the insulation has been fitted and any consequences this may have. Thermapool Insulation Boards of a reduced thickness can be provided if the standard thickness is going to make the steps too high, please inform us at the time of ordering.

Swimming Pool Hand Rails and Rail Steps

The Thermapool Insulation Boards should be used as a form of shuttering, the insulation should be hollowed out where the rails are to be fixed then the concrete mix should be filled in place, as shown in the technical images.

Swimming Pool Radius Corners

Option 1: Radius corners are insulated using Thermapool Insulation Boards with grooves cut into them. These grooves allow the board to be installed around the corner. We will need to have information on the radius at the time of placing the order.

The Thermapool Insulation Boards are applied to the swimming pool in the same fashion as the flat insulation boards still ensuring 100% adhesive bed is achieved; cut the required amount from the manufactured board to go around the radius only.

Bond the grooved board into place around the radius, and then bond the first floor panel so that it helps to hold the radius in place. This holding principle should also be used for wall to all radius corners.

Option 2: Should the radius of the corner be under 200mm it is an option to use the insulation to square off the corner by mitring the back of the insulation board on-site.

Tiled Swimming Pool Installation Guide for renovating or remodelling tiled swimming pools

1) Acid clean existing swimming pool tiles to remove any lime scale or other grime deposits that have built up on the grout and swimming pool tiles, ensure tiles and render is still sound and well bonded, if not make good. Toughly rinse the swimming pool to ensure the acid is then removed and then allow the swimming pool to dry.

2) Paint apply the Thermapool Tanking Liquid and Tanking Powder, 50/50 ratio onto the tiles.

3) Start applying the Thermapool Insulation Boards at the lowest point on the wall just above any radius corners.

4) Apply Thermapool Swimming Pool Tile Adhesive to the existing swimming pool tiles using a floor tiling trowel.

5) Mix the Thermapool Insulation Adhesive and Wall Render using ONLY the Thermapool Liquid Additive provided. A slightly wetter mix is preferable to assist in bonding the boards. If the mix starts to set re-mixing will bring it back to its original state.

6) Apply Thermapool Insulation Adhesive and Wall Render to the back of the Thermapool Insulation Board. Apply the adhesive with a floor tiling trowel. The trowel ridges on the panels and swimming pool structure should be at opposite direction to each other when bonded together. Push them firmly together making sure you achieve a 100% adhesive bed. A good method to assist in achieving this is to move the Thermapool Insulation Boards form side to side whilst applying pressure.

7) Apply the Thermapool Insulation Boards in a brick bond fashion with insulation lines running horizontally along the swimming pool walls. Butter the joints between the insulation panels using the Thermapool Insulation Adhesive and Wall Render ensuring adhesive joints are very small and tight, fill any voids with Insulation Adhesive and Wall Render .

When using the existing coping stones and using Thermapool Swimming Pool Insulation Wedge: measure a space between the coping stone and the top of the insulation boards of 260mm plus the new tile thickness and adhesive bed, so the Thermapool Insulation Wedge can be feathered into the old coping stones.

When new pool coping stones or swimming pool edging tiles are to be installed: cut insitue a triangular section from the top of the insulation as per technical video. Fill the wedge with a mix of sharp sand 3:1 cement and SBR to make a concrete fillet to support the coping tiles.

8 ) When the walls are finished apply the Thermapool Insulation Panels to the floor in the same fashion, working back toward the point you wish to exit the swimming pool.

9) Leave the Thermapool Insulation Boards to cure for 3 days prior to carrying out any other work on the swimming pool.

10) Check to confirm the Thermapool Insulation Boards have been adhered correctly; this is done by tapping each board in several places with a rubber mallet. Any boards that have not adhered correctly nor have voids behind them will give off a distinctive hollow sound compared to 100% bedded boards. Any boards sounding hollow when tapped should be chopped out and re-applied.

11) Before applying the Thermapool Insulation Render coat ensure that the insulation surface including the grooves are clean and free from any dirt or dust.

12) Mix the Thermapool Insulation Render using only the Thermapool Liquid Additive provided.

13) Use a steel trowel to apply a 8mm coat of Thermapool Insulation Adhesive and Wall Render on the Thermapool Insulation Boards, ensuring the render is well compacted into all the groove lines and any voids. Cover the entire wall in one go.

14) Whilst wet, lay the Thermapool Reinforcing Mesh into the render from the top of the pool wall down. The mesh should be used to assist with the levelling of the render, embed the mesh just below the render surface, using a clean steel trowel, smooth out the mesh working from the centre out. This will assist in the levelling off of the render and iron out any creases in the mesh, top up low points in the render through the mesh if required. Ensure the mesh is fully embedded into the render before applying the next mesh run. It is important to make sure there is render between the two mesh layers at the overlap joints. Overlap vertical joints by 100mm. Directional joints (like floors to wall or wall corners) should be double meshed over the joint; double meshing should extend to 150mm each side of the joint.

15) Wait until the render has started to go off, then use a clean steel trowel to finish the render. A fine water mist may be applied to the render if it has set too much. It is recommended to only pass the steel trowel once or twice over the render to finish it, else the render will start to liven back up again and it will need further time to set.

16) Leave the Thermapool Insulation Render to cure for 3 days prior to carrying out any other work on the pool.

17) When the render is dry apply two coats of Thermapool Tanking Liquid using a roller.

18) Apply Thermapool Swimming Pool Tile Adhesive using your chosen swimming pool tiles.

19) Apply Thermapool Swimming Pool Grout.

Note- We recommend a method of draining the pool is always on site subject to any water table issues arising. If the swimming pool should become full of water prior to the insulation being fully bonded and the rendered has cured it may cause the insulation lift and float which would weaken the bonding.

Once insulated, Thermapool gives you a brand new energy efficient tiled swimming pool, cutting your Co2 emissions, bringing your swimming pool up to new energy efficiency standards and allowing you to have your swimming pool hotter for longer.

Any Thermapool owner regardless of financial status is able to claim an energy efficient grant subsidy to insulate their swimming pool.

Thermapool Swimming Pool Adhesive and grout is tested and approved for use with Thermapool Insulation system. Thermapool supplies a range of adhesives, grouts and a large selection of swimming pool tiles.