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Indoor Commercial Swimming Pool Ireland 


  • Scuba Diving pool 12m x 6m, sloping from 1.5m - 3.7m
  • Cost of Installation £28,000 + vat including white rendered finish. Materials & labour
  • Pool holds 160,000 Litres of Sea Water
  • A similar sized local swimming pool costs €126.00 per day to keep at 29°C
  • Thermapool Insulated Scuba pool costs €3.25  per day to keep at 29°C
  • Saving €45,000 per year to heat the swimming pool water



Recent Statistics:


  • Initial "heat up" from cold pumped sea water to 29° cost €400.00
  • Electricity costs for running the pool can be reduced by 50% by turning off the air handling unit at night
  •  The pool water only loses approx 1° C at night when pumps are turned off
  • Since 2011, the pool running temperature has been increased to 32°C
  •  Thermapool is extremely strong.
  •  Divers drop weights and tanks (daily) onto the pool floor at 3.7 meters deep. It has no impact to the material