School Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool insulation takes the chill out of school swimming pool The School saved £4,700 in five months of heating with Thermapool

School Outdoor Renovated Insulated Tiled Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool size: 12m x 6m x 1.2m

This school in southern England asked Thermapool to reduce their swimming pool heating costs and carbon emissions The old swimming pool paint was sand-blasted off, Thermapool swimming pool insulation was applied to the whole shell of the swimming pool then it was finished with tiles.

Since this project was done, the swimming pool heating bill reduced - for a swimming season from Easter to Summer Break - from £5,000 down to £300 in 2010.

The school in 2011 have reached the conclusion that the swimming pool does not need to be heated 7 nights a week, and have reduced this heating down to only 2 nights, which will have a significant affect on their 2011 heating costs.