Swimming Pool Liner Finishes

Aquaflex range of Swimming Pool Liners provide the best possible way of making sure your swimming pool always looks its best.

Whether it's a brand new swimming pool liner or for refurbishing an existing swimming pool liner, a new Swimming Pool Liner will transform the look of your swimming pool - giving it a pristine appearance.

These exclusive swimming pool liner finishes are overlaid onto the finest quality vinyl materials formulated especially to withstand the swimming pool environment for many years.

The material embodies maximum protection against Ultra Violet degradation, chemical attack and contamination from bacteria or fungi. 

If you require any further information on our Swimming Pool Liners and Tileband Options please do not hesitate to contact us, please use our Swimming Pool Liner Configurator to see how your pool will look.          

Test your Swimming Pool Liner Configuration here

 persia-sand-0750mm.jpg          persia-blue-web--0_750mm.jpg          persia-ocre-0750mm.jpg

                                  Persia Sand                                                           Persia Blue                                                               Persia Ocre

persia-turquoise-0750m.jpg          coral-0750mm.jpg          granite-0750mm.jpg

               Persia Turquiose                                                                              Coral                                                                  Granite

grey-marble-0750mm.jpg          estoril-web-0_750mm.jpg          byzance(web)0_750mm-.jpg

                     Grey Marble                                                                       Estonil                                                                   Byzance

barcelona-blue.jpg         barc-marine.jpg          tuscany-marine.jpg 

Barcelona Blue                                                                                    Barcelona Marine                                                        Tuscany Marine                  

 tuscany-blue1.jpg          marble-0500mm-0750mm.jpg        mosaic-(web)0_750mm.jpg 

 Tuscany Blue                                                                                           Marble                                                                   Mosaic

ice-blue.jpg          sand.jpg         BLUE.png      

 Ice Blue                                                                                                Sand                                                                           Blue

BLACK.png          WHITE.png

Black                                                                                            White         

Please note: that whilst we have taken every care to reproduce the pattern and colours of our swimming pool liners, due to limitations of reproduction we recommend that you study the samples of our swimming pool liner swatches, to request a sample please contact us on 01279 32 32 22.