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Material thicknesses for So-Soft insulation and liner Method

Swimming pool liner is laid directly onto Thermapool insulation. So-Soft is only advisable for domestic pools using pre tailored liners. So-Soft gives the swimming pool a softer carpet feel, but you may be able to see joints between the insulation or where the fixings are.


  • 75mm Thermapool Insulation Board.
  • 0.75mm Bag liner


Total thickness - 75.75mm 

Material thicknesses for insulation, render and liner finish  

This gives the insulation a solid uniformed hard finish recommended for commercial, schools or for on-site lined swimming pools, or where clients would simply prefer the harder surface, with no visible joints.


  • 75mm Thermapool Insulation Board.
  • 4.5mm Thermapool Render and mesh.
  • 0.75mm Bag liner
  • 1.5mm On site Lining


Total Bag Liner thickness - 80.25mm

Total On site Liner thickness - 81mm                                                   

Recommended number of fixings 



4 Fixings per wedge 

8 Fixings per insulation sheet


 Fixings should be installed at 60mm in from the edges and spaced evenly,

more fixings may be required if the boards do not sit flat onto the pool structure.     



wedge.jpg         fixing.jpg